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Mark in the Morning - 100.3 The Sound (4/6/2016)
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5900 Wilshire - 100.3 The Sound (4/17/2016)
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Thank you for your interest in Hugging Angels Foundation and taking the time to explore our website.  Like many of us, the site is a work in progress and changes will be made weekly, and when time permits.
  • About Us - Provides information and more details about our foundation.
  • Hugs Given - The children we have helped.
  • Donate - We exist purely via the support and donations of our followers.  You can donate to a specific child and 100% of the funds will be provided to your designated child or family.
  • Peer Support (Home Page, middle right area) - We added an area for siblings and caregivers to ask and provide feedback on the many issues of having a loved one who is battling or surviving cancer. 
  • Contact Us - This area has section to request a Hug (support).

Take a look around, explore and come back to see what's new.  And if your heart is in the giving mood, please make a donation.

 Thank you,
Steven Cantrell
President and Founder