How we got started
Before we begin, we must give a special recognition to Nancy Cantrell and her dedication to keeping children healthy, spiritual and always thinking positive.  Without her dedication to the children she met, Hugging Angels Foundation would have never been started.
Hugging Angels Foundation was started as a vision, a dream if you will, of having the ability to help children and to give them a fighting chance to live a happy, full life.  We began to hear the same needs and wants from several parents/children who have been effected by cancer.  We gathered those needs and wants and started Hugging Angels Foundation in order to fill the gaps that come along during the fight against cancer.
Steven Cantrell began the organizing of Hugging Angels Foundation in 2-13 and filed all of the necessary paperwork without the assistance of outside legal council.  He spent roughly two months preparing the 501c3 paperwork and was approved in only 6 short months.  Steven also applied for California tax-exempt status and received the certification as well.  Hugging Angels Foundation is a non-profit tax-exempt organization at both the Federal and State level.  Once all of the paperwork was completed, that's when the true progress began to take place and forward movement began. 
Steven worked with a design specialist and worked cooperatively on the logo and final product.  Our logo was designed by children, for children and because of children.  Several friends and family children were asked one question - "What do you think a child would need if they were in the hospital and going through treatment?"  Their answers - a hug, a guardian angel and the support of others.  From their feedback, the Hugging Angels Foundation logo was created.
So here we are today, giving hugs and hope to our youngest citizens and insuring they have the fighting chance to survive.  We hope you will join us and contribute to our cause.